5 Pillars of Success

BHP has been built on what we like to call the 5 pillars of success. They are one of the key factors behind our own growth, and the success of our clients. 


Total control and transparency of your finances – this is what we had in mind when we developed our range of solutions.

They have been designed to suit you and how you’d like your business to work.

Our Total Accounting Solution provides everything that you’ll need, at the level your you require. Many clients also ask us to take on a Virtual Finance Director role in their business so they get access to our expertise without needing a full-time employee.

It always depends on you and your business needs – solutions that meet your needs but which have the flexibility to change as the business grows and develops.

Other clients prefer to keep some accounting work in house while using our expertise at key times of the year, and so choose our Advanced or Essential solutions – we even have an entry level solution to help kick-start that new business venture.

Whichever solution you select, whichever optional services you choose you can be sure they will help deliver the success you seek.

Whichever solution you select, whichever optional services you choose you can be sure they will help deliver the success you seek.


We are Gold partners with Xero, the cloud-based accounting software revolutionising the way we do accounting, and you do business.

We make sure that converting to Xero is always a seamless process. We use Xero, along with a whole range of other technology solutions, to deliver clear and relevant information to clients.

We believe that working with best-of-breed software service providers will ensure a higher quality service to our clients – from stock systems, to management reporting, to online retailing, we know we are delivering optimal, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Through Xero, we have access to over 400 add-on partners: which means we can guarantee a solution that is right for your business. It also often means that location is no longer a barrier – BHP work with clients nationwide.

Customer Service

We take immense pride in the way we look after our clients. We want working together to be an enjoyable, straight-forward and seamless process.

We provide unlimited telephone and email support with every solution (and guarantee an immediate response) so you can always get through to us on the phone and always get a reply to your email same day.

We guarantee a 30 day turnaround for financial accounts, tax and compliance, and always deliver management information within a week of the period end.


Clients who adapt to technology see the advantages, and reap the benefits.

We believe that by having clear, concise and timely management and financial information, you will gain an advantage over your competition.

We work closely with you, stay in close conversation with you and provide clear information to ensure you capitalise on things that are going well; and avoid the things that are not. It’s important to us that our experience and knowledge has a positive impact on the continued success of your business.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing preferred solutions, technology and service so that you see the advantage of working with BHP.


The BHP team is vital to our business, but we want to become a vital part of your team, too.

Together we can deliver technical solutions that unequivocally meet your needs.

Together we can talk about the numbers and what they mean- we can even help add to those numbers to develop your specific ideas.

Together we can provide those solutions that will deliver your success.

If you want an open dialogue and meaningful discussion with your York accountant, we’d love to hear from you.

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